Opus: Hearing, Seeing and Composing

Since a very young age, art and music have been in glorious struggle for my creative attention. Over the years this binary existence has ebbed and flowed. I began piano lessons at ten but abandoned that for guitar three years later playing in rock bands into my early 20’s. Concurrently, I was always an “art major” in school, resulting in a fine arts degree from the Philadelphia College of Art.

Opus is an exploration of these two life long obsessions. As I’m am not a technically trained musician, with limited ability to read music, I have always heard music “abstractly” and embrace improvisation in my playing. Additionally, Opus is a departure from my usual representational work. Except where I incorporate elements of music manuscript, any narrative is almost non-existent. Instead, the collision of "implicit and explicit" abstract shapes and color contrasts depict an alternative musical composition that demonstrates the way I hear music.