An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day: Making Art by Any Means Necessary

On February 5, 2015 I did a quick painting of two Granny Smith apples. I posted this on Instagram and titled it “An Apple a day. No. 1.” I decided that this would be a daily "art drill” to see how many variation on this theme I could create. I pledged to explore the possibilities for an entire year.

Why the apple? There are over 7500 varieties and as a universal symbol, it is irony free and loaded with good meaning. The form is simple and it encouraged broad experimentation in material and technique. This included drawing, watercolors, collage, sculpture, photographs and digital paintings on my iPad. I completed the experiment on February 5, 2016 having successfully created 365 individual works of art, resulting in a trove of conceptual and visual possibilities for future development. This project was widely published and became the topic for a presentation at a TedX conference.